Reflow is a ground-breaking solution in removing bird dropping damage without equipment. An extremely quick, easy and safe option to use on all paintwork surfaces.

Reflow has been developed to help rectify these imperfections in the paintwork. The water-activated thermal transfer packs have been designed to heat to a specific temperature which they retain for a specific length of time to create the optimum conditions for the paint to soften, reflow and fill the etchings caused by the bird droppings. As the pack cools, the paintwork resets, effectively healing the affected area and removing the bird dropping mark.

Each Reflow pouch contains five thermal transfer packs. Reflow should be placed and left on the damaged paintwork, untouched, for 30 minutes.

Each Pack pack contains 5 Thermal Transfer Packs.

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How To Use This Product

How To Use This Product

Step 1: First wash and dry the vehicle to remove all trace of the dropping. Tear off the top of the pack where instructed.

Step 2: Add 40ml of water to the fill line and fold over the top of the pack twice. Remove the peelable sticker from the vent hole and reuse it to secure the fold at the top of the pack.

Step 3: Holding the pack horizontally, massage the heating pad firmly with your thumbs for 10 seconds to ensure heating pad is completely saturated. Quickly place it over the affected area with the vent hole showing on top and the heating pad over the defect. Use the supplied adhesive tabs to secure the top and bottom of the pack to the paintwork.

Step 4: Leave the pack untouched on the paintwork for 30 minutes. Once cooled, carefully remove and dispose of the pack in the general waste.