These Standard Terms and Conditions written on this webpage shall manage the general maintenance of the five year warranty plan of Autoglym’s Carbon Shield.

Product Information

The Autoglym brand is tried, tested and used by good automotive professional detailers the world over. Autoglym products are winners of multiple awards in the car care segment for product performance and quality. Autoglym’s products are being used by over 30 car brands worldwide which includes such prestigious brands as Porsche, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercedes Benz to name a few.

Only a select number of top quality professional outlets have been chosen to become Autoglym Carbon Shield applicators ensuring that the work is done to the highest standard possible.

Autoglym’s Carbon Shield is a proven technology of the highest standard. In the UK alone LifeShine/Carbon Shield is applied to over 115 thousand vehicles each year. Carbon Shield is also sold in Australia, Belgium, China, Finland, Holland, India, Japan, Norway, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden and, therefore, is suitable for all weather conditions. We are proud to be able to offer this superb five year warranty product to our South African customers.

Autoglym’s Carbon Shield has been independently tested. In 2018, we received the results of independent tests undertaken by the Paint Research Association (PRA) in the UK, which have shown that the Carbon Shield paintwork coating retained the highest level of durability in all-weather testing.

Customer Responsibilities

Only pH neutral Car Shampoo should be used to wash the coated vehicle. The use of any detergent to wash the vehicle will degrade the coating’s performance and invalidate the limited warranty.

The coated vehicle should be returned to the applicator on a three monthly basis to undergo a maintenance wash. The maintenance wash will consist of a wash with UHD Shampoo and Express Wax. Where possible it is recommended that all washes should be maintained through the applicator.

Recommended Products

Using the correct products regularly will maintain the quality of the coating in the best condition possible.

Products that should be used to wash and condition the vehicle are:

Products Not Recommended

Using the following products will invalidate the Carbon Shield warranty:

  • Liquid or cream polishes or glazes.
  • Hard or liquid waxes.
  • Non-pH neutral shampoos.
  • Detergents and Dish Washing liquid.

Other Conditions

In addition the use of other non-recommended products may invalidate the warranty.

The hydrophobic beading will only have a one year warranty; however, ongoing maintenance as described above will prolong the hydrophobic properties.

The warranty in its entirety will be voided if car is ever in an accident.

The limit to the applicator’s responsibility is to re-coat the affected area of failure to the coating within the parameters of the proper maintenance taking place by the customer.